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About HFRP
Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) shapes 21st century education by connecting the critical areas of student learning. Our focus is on anywhere, anytime learning approaches that extend from early childhood through college and connect families, schools, out-of-school time programs, and digital media. We build strategic partnerships to generate new thinking with policymakers, practitioners, and community leaders that stimulates innovation and advances continuous improvement in education policy, practice, and evaluation.

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About The SEED Lab
The Supporting Early Education and Development (SEED) Lab focuses on young children and the people and contexts that affect them, including teachers, (pre)schools, and communities. Currently, the lab is focused on the social-emotional learning (SEL) of young children, teachers, and the implementation of SEL interventions. Our goal is to conduct research on issues that are relevant to early childhood professionals, and leverage these findings by applying them in the community. Dr. Shannon Wanless directs the SEED Lab in the School of Education’s Psychology in Education department at the University of Pittsburgh.


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