Resource Bank

Step 3: Use & add to the resource bank (text-based image)

The links that we posted in Step 2 are just a few of the many resources that are available on the transition to school. We’re sure that you have a go-to resource that you reference during your transition planning. If you don’t have one, we’re confident that you’ll find one here!

In the comments, tell us the following:

  • What other tools and resources do you currently use to help your transition work with families?
  • Where else could you look for other useful resources?
  • What kinds of resources have you had the most success with?
  • Could you develop your own resource? Do you have any opportunities to co-create one with a colleague?
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8 Responses to Resource Bank

  1. Here is an awesome post about supporting children as they transition to school. I especially like the point about acknowleding that adults have anxiety about this too.

  2. And also, an all-time favorite transition picture book read aloud: Setting a goal to provide parents with resources like this may help them prepare both of them.

  3. Thanks, Shannon for offering up the “Back to School Butterflies” article about proactively addressing the anxiety that arises for parents and kids as school approaches or as changes occur in school life. I also wanted to offer the article I wrote on the transition from preschool to kindergarten and what parents can do to ease that transition. It’s titled “In Between Here and There” ‎and is perfect for springtime when preschool is coming to a close and the anticipation of kindergarten is beginning. Thank you for this terrific forum for dialogue on a critical issue!

  4. The Department of Human Service Programs in Cambridge, MA created a brochure to guide parents of kindergarteners make informed choices about afterschool programs. The brochure has a section that walks parents through a set of questions about factors they should consider in making their choices and a list of resources that can help parents find programs. Check it out at

  5. ljgreen says:

    I really like Ready Freddy’s website and their Transition to Kindergarten materials They provide an easy-to-follow guide to quality transitions for teachers and a note to schools discussion the barriers to successful implementation of quality transitions.

  6. Nell says:

    As mentioned on the previous page, to support FAMILIES AS ADVOCATES, the Right Question Institute has created some materials for supporting families. If they are not available on their website, email them for access. I received these materials when in grad school and have found them tremendously helpful.

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