Psychological Safety

Step 7: Think about how safe you feel (text-based image)

People need to feel safe taking risks as they learn and try out different techniques related to a new goal. They also need social support (source). You might ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What are your concerns as you approach your new goal?
  • What hurdles do you need to overcome as you work to engage families in the transition to school?
  • What can you do to feel more comfortable/safe as you take risks in engaging parents in new ways around the transition to school?
  • Do you have the social support you need? If not, how can you obtain it? Are there other users of this board whom you can reach out to?

And, we all benefit from sharing experiences—offer support and advice to those who are working through these challenges!

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2 Responses to Psychological Safety

  1. I have heard many teachers say they did not want to implement new practices —even ones they liked—because they were worried about being embarrassed or ridiculed by others. I would love to hear how others either (1) get over the feeling of worrying about what others thing, or (2) create school environments that make it comfortable for your colleagues to take risks. We can’t be innovative unless we are willing to make mistakes!–but I realize this is easier said than done. What do you do about this?

  2. ljgreen says:

    I worked at a school where there was a lot of support from the other teachers and from the administration to try new things and then another school where that support system wasn’t there and it is much harder to try something new when the support system isn’t built in. I think the key for me has been to make sure that I am doing something that is realistic, given the situation that I work in. Sometimes that may mean taking on a slightly smaller initiative or doing it in pieces. That makes the risk less risky.

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