Step 8: Measure your progress (text-based image)

We know that when people track their goals and rate their use of strategies to reach those goals, it helps them keep their goals in mind in order to achieve maximum success. The following questions might be helpful as you consider your progress:

  • How will you assess whether the transition practices related to your goal are working?
  • Do you have an assessment tool that you’d be willing to share with others?
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2 Responses to Progress

  1. fineteam says:

    Santa Clara County, in California, created a Ready School Self-Assessment (see p. 11 of the link that follows). It walks programs through an assessment of their school-community connections during the early grades. The assessment includes a section on transitions. You might think about modifying their template to track your goal or adapting it to assess your transition practices, in general.

  2. Check out this link to a goal-tracking sheet: Hopefully this helps keep track of your progress so you can see great successes!

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