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Resource Exploration

We hope that you will use this board, in part, to find inspiration in existing resources. Select and explore one or two of the resources linked below: Resources: Ready for Success: Creating Collaborative and Thoughtful Transitions into Kindergarten Family Engagement … Continue reading

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Resource Bank

The links that we posted in Step 2 are just a few of the many resources that are available on the transition to school. We’re sure that you have a go-to resource that you reference during your transition planning. If … Continue reading

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Practice Depot

Good practices come in a variety of formats and can be adapted to the different needs of the families that you serve and the settings in which you work. In the comments, tell us following: What successful practices have you … Continue reading

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Goal Setting

Setting too many goals at the same time can be overwhelming. As you get started, we suggest setting one specific goal for engaging families during the transition to school. As you create your goal, consider some of the following: Did … Continue reading

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As people learn new strategies, they need to be ready to implement them (source). Readiness generally refers to one’s past experiences with specific topics, level of stress or comfort, self-efficacy, and openness to change. Ask yourself the following to see … Continue reading

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Psychological Safety

People need to feel safe taking risks as they learn and try out different techniques related to a new goal. They also need social support (source). You might ask yourself some of the following questions: What are your concerns as … Continue reading

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We know that when people track their goals and rate their use of strategies to reach those goals, it helps them keep their goals in mind in order to achieve maximum success. The following questions might be helpful as you … Continue reading

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